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For over 30 years, Axiom Logic Inc. has provided fireproofing services on hundreds of buildings and facilities throughout the Southeast – all without a single documented incident. We take as much pride in our results as we do ensuring that we do the job safely and securely.

That’s why all Axiom Logic Inc. Superintendents are at least 30 Hour OSHA, Forklift and Aerial Platform Certified. Monthly Company wide meetings, weekly job specific safety stand downs and daily toolbox talks ensure that our teams know the hazards they may encounter and how to mitigate the risk associated with performing their task.

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If you have been in construction of any kind you have attended multiple safety meetings, while some incorporate humor and or small amounts of new information, they are all extremely mundane.

Here at Axiom, we take a more real world and practical approach to our safety, because we genuinely care that no person employed for Axiom is ever injured in anyway.

Routine inspections of equipment and their safety features along with electrical cord inspections via touch other than merely visual allow us the highest levels of accident prevention from mechanical failure or negligence.

Axiom Fireproofing Solutions

Axiom Logic offers a core set of fireproofing and fire-stopping solutions to help protect facilities against structural fires. Our excellent safety record coupled with our streamlined and personal customer services will ensure that your project is managed correctly, safely and completed on time.

Spray Applied Fireproofing

A cementitious mixture that is applied to structural steel members.
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Fire Retardant

Used to slow the spread of flame and in some cases cause the fire to self-extinguish.
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Intumescent Paint

An aesthetically pleasing form of fireproofing perfect for architecturally exposed areas of structural steel.
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Penetration Firestopping

Used to protect openings or penetrations in fire rated assemblies.
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