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While technology is a necessary part of business today, there is no substitute for personal interaction.

Its common in today’s atmosphere due to limitations of time, that the client provider relationship becomes sterile through phone calls emails and text messages. WE highly value the relationships we have with professionals in the industry.

With success sometimes comes diminished sense of accomplishment and the real value for the executives and teams at Axiom are the relationships that we build with our customers.

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At any and every opportunity of the projects process we commit to you being there in person for exchange of ideas and efficient completion of your project.

Inevitably on jobs difficulties occur, its easy to get along and succeed when everything is going your way, but your true character is shown during the difficult times. We love the challenges; we love facing and overcoming these types of challenges. We do this because we are innovative thinker, we stay the course and we never give up.

We are willing to take on difficult projects that other contractors in our trade will run from.

Such as: fireproofing mechanical room in casino while operational, if you have never seen what 3 pallets worth of plastic looks like put up, here it is.

Axiom Fireproofing Solutions

Axiom Logic offers a core set of fireproofing and fire-stopping solutions to help protect facilities against structural fires. Our excellent safety record coupled with our streamlined and personal customer services will ensure that your project is managed correctly, safely and completed on time.

Spray Applied Fireproofing

A cementitious mixture that is applied to structural steel members.
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Fire Retardant

Used to slow the spread of flame and in some cases cause the fire to self-extinguish.
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Intumescent Paint

An aesthetically pleasing form of fireproofing perfect for architecturally exposed areas of structural steel.
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Penetration Firestopping

Used to protect openings or penetrations in fire rated assemblies.
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