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Here at Axiom, we know that it’s not just about results for our customers who trust us to ensure their building is fire resistant! We know that you also need a reliable partner who provides timely answers and professional responses to your needs.

Nothing is more frustrating than having a payment request or qualification item such as an insurance certificate or w9 document holding up your process.

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Fast Turn Around

We typically turn around executed contracts with minimal amendments quickly -most in less than 5 business days. We also understand that the responsibilities of project managers and executives and are creative and accommodating in assisting your team with their needs – particularly when schedules and scopes might fluctuate.

Thanks to our detailed take off process our SOV system is exactly accurate for the areas of work quoted. This allows for simple additions and deductions and changes of work. That’s why we staff our office with the best professionals in the business.

Axiom Fireproofing Solutions

Axiom Logic offers a core set of fireproofing and fire-stopping solutions to help protect facilities against structural fires. Our excellent safety record coupled with our streamlined and personal customer services will ensure that your project is managed correctly, safely and completed on time.

Spray Applied Fireproofing

A cementitious mixture that is applied to structural steel members.
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Fire Retardant

Used to slow the spread of flame and in some cases cause the fire to self-extinguish.
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Intumescent Paint

An aesthetically pleasing form of fireproofing perfect for architecturally exposed areas of structural steel.
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Penetration Firestopping

Used to protect openings or penetrations in fire rated assemblies.
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